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I have been choreographing, teaching and coaching dancers for 17+ years, and the owner of Adrenaline Dance Experience through summer of 2020. I strive for technique, for intricate composition, and for originality within pieces. I want to change the very face of dance that is choreographed for competition. At Jeff Orluck Choreography, there is no room for the cliché or the predictable.

What makes working with me different is that everything is custom-designed to the strengths of your dancers, and carefully personalized with the needs of the coach. It is my job to take your vision and to make it a reality - to guide athletes in such a way that they use the power of movement to convey their message to the judges. I like to view each team that I work with as a partnership between myself and the team. I'm here to support your team's goals by giving you the tools and movement to achieve your personal greatness. 

My theory is that if you put your mind to something... you can do ANYTHING! I believe that, if you truly love what you are doing, your passion will spread to all of those around you! 

Forever Making the Love of Dance Contagious, 


Jeffery Orluck

Owner, Choreographer and Instructor

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