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Listed below is a breakdown of services that Jeff Orluck Choreography offers. Contact us with your project details to see how we can be of assistance.

Competitive Choreography

All of Jeff's choreography is designed to highlight the strengths of the dancers, while still focusing on musicality, use of floor, unique formations, and innovative skill combinations. Jeff specializes in jazz, lyrical, and pom competitive choreography. Whether you want a traditional pom routine, a dark-lyrical, sassy jazz or need help conveying your theme to the judges – we can bring your vision to life!

Starting at $900, excludes travel expenses.

Other Choreography

Looking for a kind of choreography other than competitive? Jeff Orluck Choreography can create exceptional performance pieces in the style of your choice.  Jeff has choreographed top-placing floor routines for competitive gymnasts’ levels 7 through 10, and has a background in musical theater. 

*Cost is based on project.


Online Consult

Needing to improve your over all competition score? Want another opinion on your choreography? Contact us and we can be of assistance! 

*$25 base cost per routine



Music Editing

From simple cuts to full mixes, we are fully equipped to handle all of your dance and music-editing needs. Jeff Orluck Choreography can help you find the right music to execute your theme, change the tempo of the music, remove sections, and even add special effects! Let us build you a custom mix- one that will energize your dancers and completely captivate the audience!

Music-editing costs start at $25


Technical Training

Are you looking to step up your team’s technical ability? Do you want to execute that fabulous trick you saw on Youtube? By teaming up with Jeff Orluck Choreography, you will whisk your team away to the next level! When focusing on skills we thoroughly explain body position, muscles being worked, and specific performance exercises used to improve strength and technique. You can choose from a one-day, technique boot camp or a full dance-camp extravaganza- all specifically designed with your team in mind! 

$40 per hour or contact us for dance camp pricing.

You can also continue your dance education by ​enrolling in classes with Adrenaline Dance Experience. Please visit for our full class offerings.  

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